Monday, February 09, 2009

Eight, in my words

otha : eight

The Illunse word for eight is otha. Otha is an uncommon masculine first name and a rare last name. Otha translates to climb in Bengali (tranliterated). Otha translates to lip in Hindi (tranliterated). Otha is the name of cities in Pakistan and Turkey.

This word is a mixture of the Latin word for eight, which is octo, and the Old English word for eight, which is eahta.

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Puey McCleary said...

In Babel, the language of the Land of Story, the closest word which sounds like otha would be othelínge, whose plural is òtha, and it means “those who are smell, give off odors.” Phonetically though otha does remind me of Òsta, the name of a city in Qhòtlha, of òstakh, those who are fine, good, copacetic, Òstatar, the name of a Dragon, oswókhes, those who raise, lift, suspend something, and Òsyu, the name of a Sun. In terms of an actual word for eight they have the participle khé which is only used for base eleven scientific notation. The Real People delight in prime numbers, and their most extensive method of counting is based upon the number eleven, although they also employ threes and sevens from time to time.