Saturday, April 10, 2010

Markirya second stanza, words in Quenya

This Saturday, I'll continue sharing with you all The Markirya poem. This is stanza two of five. This poem is an important piece of the Quenya language.

Here is the second stanza of Tolkien's Markirya Poem in Quenya:
Man tiruva fána cirya,
wilwarin wilwa,
rámainen elvië
ëar falastala,
winga hlápula
rámar sisílala,
cálë fifírula?
Here's Tolkien's translation of the second stanza:
Who shall heed a white ship,
vague as a butterfly,
in the flowing sea
on wings like stars,
the sea surging,
the foam blowing,
the wings shining,
the light fading?

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