Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bible Trace, from Luke

The Bible Trace I'm featuring today is Luke Chapter 7, Verse 50. I found this information when surfing the web.

You might think that I can read the Old English version, as I play with Old English words on this blog, but unfortunately I can't. That verse is almost totally unreadable to me. I do much better with the Latin. Probably because I know some Spanish.

It seems there are minor differences in the Middle English, King James, and Modern English translations.

Despite the interesting Middle English spelling, that verse is understandable if you talk it out.

Latin, Vulgate - 405
dixit autem ad mulierem fides tua te salvam fecit vade in pace

Old English, West Saxon - 990
þa cwæþ he to þam wife: þin geleafa þe dyde hale ga nu on sybbe;

Middle English, Wycliffe - 1395
But he seide to the womman, Thi feith hath maad thee saaf; go thou in pees.

Jacobean English, King James - 1611
And he said to the woman, Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace.

Basic English, Ogden - 1964
And he said to the woman, By your faith you have salvation; go in peace.

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