Friday, November 26, 2010

Street, in my words (revised) + streets (revised)

stae : street

The Illunse word for street is stae. Stae is an uncommon last name. San Stae is a church in Venice, Italy. Stae is the name of a city in Denmark.

This word is a mixture of the Latin word for street which is platea (broad way, street, avenue) and the Old English word for street which is strǽt (a road in a town, a street, a paved road, high road). (Note: the Old English word is from the Latin word strata which means spread, coverlet)

staea : streets

The Illunse word for streets (nominative plural) is staea. Staea is possibly a rare last name.

Streets in Latin is plateae. Streets in Old English is stræta.

My previous Illunse word for street was stape. Streets was previously stapa. I changed this word because I made the word for town be stope, which was too similar.

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