Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meadow, in my words (revised) + meadows (revised)

meadowpreda : meadow

The Illunse word for meadow is preda. Preda is an uncommon last name. In Italian preda means booty, prey. Preda is the name of a place in Switzerland.

This word is a mixture the Latin word pratum (meadow, meadowland; meadow grass/crop), and the Old English word mæd (mead, meadow, pasture), which I transliterate to maed.

My previous word for meadow was prade. A small change, I swapped the vowels around.

predu : meadows

The Illunse word for meadows (nominative plural) is predu. In Croatian predu means purr, spin (make yarn).

Meadows in Latin is prati. Meadows in Old English is mæd (same as the singular).

My previous word for meadows was pradi. Another small change. I've gotten rid of the Latin-ish -i plural endings.

There doesn't appear to be any Quenya or Sindarin words for meadow.

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