Saturday, November 09, 2013

Egg, in my words + eggs

oeg : egg

The Illunse word for egg is oeg. Oeg is a rare last name. The Old English Game (OEG) is a breed of chicken. The French word for egg is oeuf, which is somewhat similar.

This word is a mixture of the Old English word for egg, æg (which I transliterate to aeg), and the Latin word for egg, ovum.

This is the current word for egg. The odd OE vowel combination exists in Latin, and it's pronounced like OI.

oega : eggs

The Illunse word for eggs (nominative plural) is oega. Oega is a rare last name. Oega is a rare first name. Oega is the name of a place in Papua New Guinea. Similar Oega-ch'on is the name of a place in South Korea.

Eggs in Latin is ova. Eggs in Old English is ægru or æg.

The nominative plural is new, and so is the picture of eggs.

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