Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fields and valleys, in my words

falga : fields

The Illunse word for fields is falga. The word for field is falg. Falga is the name of a small city in France and a town in Chad.

Fields in Latin is agri. Fields in Old English is felda.

dalla : valleys

The Illunse word for valleys is dalla. The word for valley is dalle. In Catalan dalla means scythe. In Cornish dalla means blind. Dalla is the name of cities in Burma, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Nigeria.

Valleys in Latin is vallis. Valleys in Old English is dena.

Here are two more nominative case plurals. Notice that these plurals don't end in S. I mention the Latin and Old English words, although my words are not necessarily an alphabetic mix of them. With plurals I'm giving myself a little more leeway with letters.

I've changed this word. My Illunse word for valleys is now dallan.

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