Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Town, in my words + towns

stope : town

The Illunse word for town is stope. Stope is a last name. In English a mining term for a horizontal excavation which in series looks like steps. Stope is the name of a city in Slovenia.

This word is a mixture of the Latin word for town oppidum (a town, city, collection of dwellings), and the Old English word for town castel (a town, village). This word is also inspired by the Old English word stów which means a place, spot, locality, site.

stopan : towns

The Illunse word for towns (nominative plural) is stopan (in part because I didn't care for making the plural stopi or stopu). Stopan is a rare last name. Stopan is the name of a city in Boznia & Herzegovina.

Towns in Latin is oppidi. Towns in Old English is castlu.

Yes, I know that this word is very similar to my existing word for street, which is stape. I've decided that town trumps street. My word for street will later be changed.

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