Friday, March 25, 2011

Vial, in my words + vials

amell : vial

The Illunse word for vial (small bottle) is amell. Amell is a last name. Amell is an uncommon first name.

This word is a mixture of the Old English word for bottle ampelle or ampella (flask, bottle, vial, flagon, vessel), and the Latin word for bottle which is ampulla (bottle, jar, flask for holding liquids). Roman ampulla were generally small, so making this word vial makes some sense.

In Old English the similar word amel means a sacred vessel, vessel for holy water. In Modern English ampule is a small bottle that contains a drug.

amella : vials

The Illunse word for vials (nominative plural) is amella. Amella is an uncommon last name. Amella brand caramels.

Bottles in Latin is ampullae. Bottles in Old English is ampellan.

Again the Old English word is derived from the Latin word. I dropped the letter P from the mix to make my word somewhat different. I'll try to use that P when I come up with a word for bottle.

I didn't find Quenya or Sindarin words for vial. That was no big surprise.

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