Sunday, January 08, 2012

Stag, in my words (revised) + stags

herst : stag

The Illunse word for stag (or hart) (male deer) is herst. Herst is a last name. Herst should not be confused with Hearst, such as in William Randolph Hearst and Patty Hearst.

This word is a mixture of the Old English word for stag (or hart) which is heorot (hart, stag), and the Latin word for stag which is cervus (stag/deer).

For most deer, in modern English usage, the male is called a buck. For many larger deer the male can also be called a stag. Hart is a term for a male deer, especially the male of the red deer after its fifth year.

Stag is not defined in Tolkien's languages of Quenya or Sindarin.

My previous Illunse word for stag was herost.

herstas : stags

The Illunse word for stags (nominative plural) is herstas. Herstas is a rare last name.

Stags (and deer) in Latin is cervi. Stags (or Harts) in Old English is heoretas.

I think that's enough with the deer words. In my fantasy the land of Illun, they'll definitely have deer.

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