Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Desert, in my words + deserts

desertderte : desert

The Illunse word for desert is derte. Derte is a rare last name.

This word is a mixture of the Latin words for desert which are desertum (desert; wildernesses; unfrequented places) and eremus (wilderness, wasteland, desert), and the Old English word for desert which is wésten (waste, wilderness, desert).

This is a new word, not a revised word. I like that this word looks somewhat similar to dirt, and to dearth. Tomorrow I'll post Tolkien's words for desert.

dertan : deserts

The Illunse word for deserts (nominative plural) is dertan. Dertan is a rare last name.

Deserts in Latin is deserti and eremi. Deserts in Old English is wéstenu or wéstenas or wéstena (depending on gender).

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