Monday, February 20, 2012

Plain, in my words + plains

plainrawan : plain

The Illunse word for plain is rawan. Rawan is an unusual last name. Rawan is an unusual feminine first name of Arabic origin. Rawan cake is a bakery in Jordan. In Indonesian rawan means vulnerable. Rawan is the name of places in Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Japan.

This word is a mixture of the Latin word for plain which is arvum (arable land/field, soil, region; dry land; stretch of plain), and the Old English word for plain which is wang (plain, flat field, dry land; place; surface of the ground in a general sense).

A plain is an expanse of land with relatively low relief.

This is a new word, not a revised word. Tomorrow I'll post Tolkien's words for plain.

rawanan : plains

The Illunse word for plains (nominative plural) is rawanan. Rawanan is a rare last name. Similar Rawana is a unusual last name and a rare first name.

Plains in Latin is arvi. Plains in Old English is wangas.

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