Saturday, June 02, 2012

Hail, in my words (revised) + hails

hagor : hail

The Illunse word for hail (hailstorm) is hagor. Hagor is a moshav (settlement) in Israel. Hagor Industries is an Israeli supplier of military gear. Hagor is an uncommon last name. Hagor is a rare first name.

This word is a mixture of the Latin word for hail (hailstorm) which is grando, and the Old English word for hail (hailstorm) which is hagol
My previous Illunse word for hail was hagro. I decided not to end the word in O.

I didn't find words for hail (hail-storm) in Sindarin or Quenya. Although in Quenya there's words for hail as an interjection, like in Hail Mary.

hagoras : hails

The Illunse word for hails (nominative plural) is hagoras. Hagoras is a rare last name.

Hails in Latin is grandinis. Hails in Old English is haglas.

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