Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wax, in my words + waxes

werca : wax

The Illunse word for wax is werca. Werca (or Verca) is a rare usually feminine first name. Werca is a very rare last name. Werca's Folk women's choir of Northumberland, UK.

This word is a mixture of the Old English word for wax which is weax, and the Latin word for wax which is cera (wax, beeswax; honeycomb; wax-covered writing tablet; wax image/seal).

Werca is the current word for wax.

The traditional meaning of wax is beeswax. In Old English weaxcandel means wax candle. In Latin cereus means wax light, taper, candle. Tallow candles were a cheaper alternative to wax candles. Nowadays paraffin wax from petroleum is common.

Here's a link to Wax, in J.R.R. Tolkien's words.

wercae : waxes

The Illunse word for waxes (nominative plural) is wercae.

Waxes in Latin is cerae. Waxes in Old English is weax (same as the singular).

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