Saturday, November 03, 2012

Clay, in my words + clays

argam : clay

The Illunse word for clay is argam. Argam is an unusual masculine name that can be Armenian. Argam is a rare last name. Argam is the name of a place in Indonesia. Argam was the name of a village in the East Riding of Yorkshire mentioned in the Domesday Book.

This word is a mixture of the Old English word for clay lám (loam, clay, earth), and the Latin word for clay which is argilla (white clay, potter's earth; clay).

This is a new word.

argama : clays

The Illunse word for clays is argama. Argama is a rare last name. Argama is the name of a place in Peru. In anime series Mobile Suit Gundam, Argama class is a carrier / assualt ship.

Clays in Latin is argillae. Clays in Old English is lám (same as the singular).

I realize that didn't use the common letter L in this word.

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