Saturday, December 08, 2012

Hair (head of hair), in my words + hairs

cafel : hair

The Illunse word for hair (head of hair) is cafel. Cafel is a rare last name. Cafel is a rare first name that can be feminine. CAFEL is a coffee-producing cooperative in Honduras.

This word is a mixture of the Old English word for hair feax (hair, head of hair), and the Latin word capillus (hair; a single hair filament or the mass of hair growing from the head). There are other words for hair in Latin (surprisingly many) and Old English.

This is a new word. This is the word for hair in an uncountable, collective sense, the whole growth of hair, especially the hair of the head. There will be another word for a single hair, and countable and multiple hairs.

cafeli : hairs

The Illunse word for hairs is cafeli. Cafeli is a rare last name.

Hairs in Latin is capilli. Hairs in Old English is feaxu.

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