Saturday, January 05, 2013

Fur, in my words + furs

frel : fur

The Illunse word for fur is frel. Frel and de Frel is a unusual last name. Frel is a rare first name.

I didn't find words in Old English or Latin truly equivalent to fur, so I'm fudging the rules. This word is a mixture of the Middle English word for fur which is furre, and the Italian word for fur which is pelliccia. Also note that fell, which means "fur, pelt, skin" in German, means "skin, hide; garment of skin" in Old English.

This is a new word.

frelas : furs

The Illunse word for furs is frelas. Frelas is a rare last name.

Furs in Italian is pellicce. Furs in Middle English is furres. (I think that those plurals are correct.)

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