Saturday, December 14, 2013

Orange, in my words + oranges

arenge : orange

The Illunse word for orange is arenge. Arenge is a rare last name. Arenge is a very rare first name. Arenge Grand Prix cart Race in Japan. Similar Areng is the name of places in Indonesia.

This word is a mixture of the Middle English (and Anglo-Norman) word for orange, orenge, and the Latin word for orange, arantium. There's no word in orange in Old English.

This is a new word. It's for orange, the fruit. I'm unsure if I want it to also be used for the color orange.

arengan : oranges

The Illunse word for oranges (nominative plural) is arengan. Arengan is a rare last name. In Spanish arengan is conjugations of the verb arengar which means to harangue. Arengan is the name of a village in Iran.

Oranges in Latin is arantia. I'm unsure of the word for oranges in Middle English.

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