Sunday, March 15, 2015

Belt, in my words + belts

fengel : belt

The Illunse word for belt is fengel. Fengel is an unusual to uncommon last name. In Tolkien's Middle-earth, Fengel was a king of Rohan. In Old English fengel means prince, and similar feng means a grasp.

This word is a mixture of the Old English word for belt, fetel, and the Latin word for belt, cingulum (belt, a girdle which encircles the hips). Another Old English word for belt is belt (belt, girdle). Another Latin word for belt is balteus (belt; shoulder-band / baldric).

fengelas : belts

The Illunse word for belts (nominative plural) is fengelas. Similar Fengalas is a World of Warcraft gaming character name.

Belts Latin is cingula. Belts in Old English is fetelas.

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