Friday, April 16, 2010

Dead black, in my words

trase : dead black

The Illunse word for the color dead black is trase. Trase is a last name. In Albanian trase means track. In Creole trase means trace, sketch. In Croatian trase means route. In Latvian means circuit or track.

Trase does not replace my previous word for black, nelc. This is another, a second word, for black. Both Old English and Latin have two separate words for black. I wouldn't have thought to make this up!

This word for dead black is a mixture of the Latin word for black (black, dark; coal-black; gloomy; malicious) which is ater, and the Old English word for black (swarthy, black, dark; gloomy; evil) which is sweart.

By the way, my other word for black is a mixture of the Latin word niger and the Old English word blæc.

Dead black is a more sinister color than mere black.

An 19th century Latin synonym dictionary I found on the web described the difference between the two Latin words like this: niger is the darkest color and makes a positive, imposing and beautiful impression; ater is a negation of color and makes a dismal and dark impression.

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