Saturday, April 24, 2010

Markirya fourth stanza, words in Quenya

Contining with The Markirya poem, this is stanza four of five. This poem is an important piece of the Quenya language.

Here is the fourth stanza of Tolkien's Markirya Poem in Quenya:
Man cenuva lumbor ahosta
Menel acúna
ruxal' ambonnar,
ëar amortala,
undumë hácala,
enwina lúmë
elenillor pella
atalantië mindonnar?
Here's Tolkien's translation of the fourth stanza:
Who shall see the clouds gather,
the heavens bending
upon crumbling hills,
the sea heaving,
the abyss yawning,
the old darkness
beyond the stars
upon fallen towers?
Notice that the first line includes the Quenya word for clouds, specifically dark clouds. Yesterday's post featured Tolkien's words for cloud.

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