Saturday, April 17, 2010

Markirya third stanza, words in Quenya

Contining with The Markirya poem, this is stanza three of five. This poem is an important piece of the Quenya language.

Here is the third stanza of Tolkien's Markirya Poem in Quenya:
Man hlaruva rávëa súrë
ve tauri lillassië,
ninqui carcar yarra
isilmë ilcalassë,
isilmë pícalassë,
isilmë lantalassë
ve loicolícuma;
raumo nurrua,
undumë rúma?
Here's Tolkien's translation of the third stanza:
Who shall hear the wind roaring
like leaves of forests;
the white rocks snarling
in the moon gleaming,
in the moon waning,
in the moon falling
a corpse-candle;
the storm mumbling,
the abyss moving?


John W. May said...

Very cool. The info to the link behind the poem is incredible! Thanks, I'll be reading more ...

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