Saturday, May 01, 2010

Markirya fifth stanza, words in Quenya

This is the last stanza, five of five, of The Markirya poem. This poem is an important piece of the Quenya language.

Here is the fifth stanza of Tolkien's Markirya Poem in Quenya:
Man tiruva rácina cirya
ondolissë mornë
nu fanyarë rúcina,
anar púrëa tihta
axor ilcalannar
métim' auressë?
Man cenuva métim' andúnë?
Here's Tolkien's translation of the fifth stanza:
Who shall heed a broken ship
on the black rocks
under broken skies,
a bleared sun blinking
on bones gleaming
in the last morning?
Who shall see the last evening?

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