Saturday, July 03, 2010

Say what?

I don't really know how to pronounce all these constructed words in Illunse. There, I've admitted it. Although I arrogantly think that words should be pronounced one way or another, I've never established any rules.

Perhaps I should have figured out phonetics first, and not concentrated on word spelling. A linguist might have done that, but I'm an amateur. I'm learning things as I go. I'm still new at this language construction stuff.

In Latin each of the five vowels, A E I O U, can be pronounced two ways. These are differentiated by a macron or horizontal line over the letter in the Latin textbook I have. In Old English each of these vowels has an accented and an unaccented version. This means that, at worst, there are four possible ways to pronounce a vowel. Guess I need to research the possibilities.

(Postscript - I actually do know how to pronounce words in Fennas, my other constructed language)

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