Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ear, in my words (revised) + ears (revised)

eure : ear

The Illunse word for ear is eure. Eure is a last name. Eure is a river and department in the north of France. Eure is the name of a town in North Carolina.

This word is a mixture of the Latin word for ear which is auris, and the Old English word for ear which is éare.

eura : ears

The Illunse word for ears (nominative plural) is eura. Eura is an unusual last name. Eura is a unusual feminine first name. Eura is the name of a city in southwest Finland.

Ears in Latin is auris. Ears in Old English is éaran.

I decided to change this word. Never mind that I just created this word. I thought that I'd rather have a word starting in E. I've been starting too many words for body parts like the Latin words.

Note that I've changed the word for ears from eura to euran.

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