Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hand, in my words + hands

mand : hand

The Illunse word for hand is mand. Mand is a last name. In Danish mand means man (adult male human). In Dutch mand means basket. Mand is the name of cities in Pakistan, India, China and Hungary (also called Mánd). Mand is a style of folk music singing in Rajasthan, India. Mand is a term in psychology for a verbal operant.

This word is a mixture of the Latin word for hand which is manus, and the Old English word for hand which is hand (same as Modern English).

manda : hands

The Illunse word for hands (nominative plural) is manda. Manda is a last name. Manda is a variant of the name Amanda. In Spanish and Portuguese manda means send or sends. Manda is the name of many cities including large cities in Bangladesh, India, Japan, Indonesia and Turkey.

Hands in Latin is manus (same as singular). Eyes in Old English is handa.

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