Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mouth, in my words + mouths

mot : mouth

The Illunse word for mouth is mot. Mot is a last name. In English mot means witticism. In French means word. In Albanian mot means weather. In Dutch mot means moth. In Old English mot means mote. In Old English similar word mót means moot, meeting, assembly. In Norwegian and Swedish mot means against, towards. Mot is a Semitic god. Mot is the name of a Bolian character in Star Trek. Mot (or De Mot) is the name of a city in Belgium.

This word is a mixture of the Latin word for mouth which is os (mouth, speech), and the Old English word for mouth which is múþ (mouth, opening).

motas : mouths

The Illunse word for mouths (nominative plural) is motas. Motas is an uncommon last name. Motas is the name of a city in Albania.

Mouths in Latin is oris. Mouths in Old English is múþas.

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